I ordered several sacks of animal feed to be delivered today. Yesterday, I gave the fellow S/600 to cover most of cost, leaving a little to square away today.

But when he tried to buy the feed, he ran into trouble. Two of the hundred soles bills were fakes. He sent me a photo right away from the feed store.

This morning he brought the bills back for me. It was easy to tell they are false. Neither he nor I had checked over them the day before. He wanted to know who gave them to me so we could track them down and demand repayment.

I told him I wouldn’t be trying that. Besides, I’d grabbed these bills out an envelope of bills I’d bought off Lamar’s family. Who knows which one had them pawned off on them and when. Not that we’d ever track the people down to demand justice.

I gave the bills to the children, who were at first thrilled to have more money than they’d ever had in their lives, only to be quite disappointed to discover all they had was shiny paper.

It gave us an opportunity to talk about stealing and being fake. They thought it was terribly sad to know that people steal and even sadder that people are stolen from.

I marked the bills with a sharpie (as I learned from Judi) and let the children keep them to play with. I think they’ll serve as a good reminder.

Can you spot the falsos?

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