Yesterday the president of Peru gave an update on quarantine measures. The long and short of it is that our lockdown is extended through the end of June.

I’m not sure what the effect of the extension will be on supply chains. We ordered a list of groceries from a delivery fellow two weeks ago. He brought a load of some of the list today. He has a special permit that allows him to go to Cusco, which he had to do because he could not find groceries in Izcuchaca.

The stores are more and more empty because they cannot get resupply from Cusco. And Cusco is more and more empty, as well, as the country’s supplies dwindle. With supply chains cut off and with people unable to produce more local product, shortages are happening.

I tried to use the pipes Rafael had brought so I could open the drain, but they were too small. He had offered to bring the right ones today, but he messaged after lunch to say they couldn’t make it.

That means our fun with the septic issues are extended. Things are not smelling that fresh around here anymore. We aren’t using the downstairs toilet because it doesn’t have sufficient drop to drain.

Rafael says they can come on Thursday, but I’m not sure I’ll want to wait that long. I may try a run to town. It’s been over a month since I have left the house; it might be closer to two months now, not sure.

The sick ones all seem to be over their sickness; although, they are not yet back to full strength. But this morning I woke with an unhappy stomach. I couldn’t eat breakfast but went and rested miserably in the sewing room after chores.

I had hoped we were past whatever the issue was, but it appears the bug was extended. I did eat some at lunch but kinda regretted it. I’m feeling a good bit better now, yet I’m slightly green. I think it’s just a twenty-four-hour thing.

I did not study this morning, as I wasn’t up to it. I plan to use a sermon a friend from Georgia sent me. He tied the message of Jesus’ Resurrection with the fact that we will all die, bringing in some current observations about world events. It will work well for tomorrow.

Gracias, hermano, por compartir tu mensaje. SerΓ‘ de gran ayuda para mi.

If you preach and record a sermon in Spanish, feel free to send it my way. I may be able to use it in times like this.

Not sharing tomorrow will extend our study of the Book of Romans another week. We’re not quite halfway through the Book, but we’ve been hitting some important points. I’ve been enjoying it for myself.

If I wrote another paragraph, it would extend this post. I think I’ll just stop for now.

Dane helping me yesterday.
Abbey making waffles this morning.
Shawn unloading the washer.
Anne putting Agnes away
Walter loving being with Dane
Seth helping Steph eat the chantilly