Take It Easy

Today was the most rest I’ve had on a Sunday in awhile. No study. No translation. No practicing the Spanish presentation. No preaching. No editing the message to send.

It was pleasant to sit back and listen to someone else instead. The connection to the States was really poor today, but we were able to catch most of the message in Virginia.

We all took long naps, just what the doctor ordered. It was a pleasant afternoon, so we went on a walk. We decided to to take the milk over to Oscar’s to save them a trip.

They were making cheese when we arrived. We walked in to watch their process. They are using cut sections of large drain pipe for their molds. They have large stones on top for presses, so they can only make fresh cheese without a better pressing system.

Oscar’s sister asked if we’d be willing to teach her English a few afternoons a week. Oscar said he’d come along, too. I told them I’d be willing. They’re going to talk about when it might work. I won’t hold my breath.

There are some tall ornamental grasses along the ditches on our walk. I broke some staves off for the children. They are delighted by their new toys, which can serve as brooms or as swords and many things in between.

We’re all feeling healthy again, for which we thank the Lord. I’m hoping to go into Izcuchaca tomorrow morning. Oscar says the cases of the virus are very high in Izcuchaca. Many people are sick. Oscar and his family are not buying anything from town to avoid getting sick.

We shall see.