A Trip to Town

When Steph and I got up to make yogurt this morning, it was twenty-four degrees outside. Thankfully, yesterday had been a warm day, so the house wasn’t freezing.

I left for town around 8:30 after chores and breakfast. I waved at pretty well every vehicle on the way into Izcuchaca, but no one stopped. It’s something like five miles of walking.

First thing I did was pay rent for the church building. Our contract runs out the end of next month, so we are paid up until then. Not sure what we will do about renewing or not.

I did a little shopping, then walked up to Rafael’s to get the pipe I needed. I got there at 11:15. He was alone, working with the doors open but the bars closed. He was grateful for my help, as he was swamped with customers when I arrived.

I decided to stay with him until lunch. We talked for a few hours between interruptions from passing customers. Elisabet was at her mom’s place, helping care for her grandfather who is ninety-seven.

Elisabet arrived with lunch around 2:30. I was pretty well famished by then, but I still couldn’t finish the portions they gave me. She’d made quinoa soup followed by potatoes with avocado salad.

After eating, they asked how I was going to get home. I told them I was either going to find a taxi or walk all the way. They insisted to take me themselves. The store had to be closed anyway, due to the quarantine measures.

I asked if I could shop for a few more things since we were taking their vehicle, and they happily agreed. I ran downtown and loaded myself with various meats and a few other things. Rafael biked across town to get their truck.

My backpack was full, and I was carrying three bags of meat. My shoulders were screaming by the time I got it all carried back up to Rafael’s. We stopped and grabbed a few tanks of propane before heading to the house.

We got home in time for chores. Rafael is fascinated by milking the cow and goats. He was asking questions the whole time.

Steph had made chili soup with black beans for supper. Rafael and Elisabet took only a small portion. Rafael said he’d never eaten black beans before. After they’d tried it, they both took large second helpings. I cannot fathom how they had room for it.

I had a small helping and had not the slightest desire for dessert. Steph had been baking today and had fresh chocolate and vanilla cake. She’d made some coffee-flavored fluffy icing stuff to go on top. Rafael’s ate two to three helpings. It’s somewhat amazing to watch.

We adults cleaned up the supper dishes together. That was actually fun. Afterward, we played table games until they were running right up against curfew. Then they were off.

I am exhausted, but I’m happy and thankful. It was a successful day, and we now have many more supplies than we’d hoped for. Besides which, we had a refreshing time with friends.

It was a good town trip.

Vehicle traffic is closed to this village.
Spraying the sidewalks with something to kill the virus. Bleach?
Teaching Walter to play

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