School Catch-up

Last week was very busy for me, and kept me out of the office a lot. Monday I was gone all day to Izcuchaca, and yesterday I was working on septic issues and other stuff.

This translates to the girls not having much supervision over their school for a few days. I had set some guidelines in place so they could carry on without me. That worked really well for Abbey, but for Anne… Not so much.

How do you teach focus and discipline to a child? She has tended to be absentminded all her life. We’ve tried lots of things, and they’ve worked well for our other children, but they seem to fly over her head.

Various kind souls have told me that children are a reflection of the parents, and if I want diligent children, I must be diligent myself. I think that’s a great maxim. And I can say with confidence that I’m more disciplined and more mature and more a bunch of stuff than I was nine years ago.

Does that mean I grew up just too late for my child to benefit from? Maybe. Or is it that she needs a different sort of system for accountability and organization than I’ve provided. But how does one think differently than one thinks? One being me.

I suppose a way is by going to those with different experiences. Maybe you? Did you have an absentminded child? How did you teach them responsibility and accountability?

And yes, I hear the gasps of horror from you parents who wonder how I could let a full week of school go by without checking in. I’ve gasped along with you many times at others. I gasped at myself just this morning.

Steph had plenty going on, so I hadn’t asked her to check on the girls, either. Anyway, I’ve learned some things, but I need to learn more.

P.S. We are still looking for a teacher. 😏 Please send me your suggestions.

We’re working together late tonight.

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