Baking Day

Today Steph did quite a bit of baking. I wasn’t keeping track, but I know a large percentage of her work was disappearing into the family. Keeping four boys well-filled takes a lot of doing.

Besides baking for our family, she also bakes for stuff to sell to Oscar’s. They take most of it to Cusco to market; the rest they keep for themselves. We are selling our cupcakes to them for 80 centimos each, which is about 24 cents each; we have a profit of about 10-15 cents each.

I was explaining to Steph that if she sells a million of themโ€ฆ I lost my enthusiasm for the pitch when she said, “Um-hmm,” at the wrong spot.

One of the things she made today was blondie bars. These are one of my favorite snack desserts. I can eat entirely too many of them; though, you wouldn’t know to look at me. My BMI is not an accurate testament to Steph’s good cooking.

For supper, she made homemade chalupas. They aren’t quite the same as the ones from Taco Bell (Don’t forget me, dear friendโ€ฆ), but they are really good. She’d made some sort of spicy chicken for the meat. So good! We had the sour cream I’d made to top it off. Sour cream just makes it.

For snack tonight, the children had fresh cinnamon rolls with glaze. Seth was animalistic over them. I am not one to eat much cinnamon, unless the fancy takes me, which it rarely does. But the children and Steph delight in cinnamon rolls.

She also made some with the homemade Nutella spread. I didn’t try one, but they smell great. I think they’ll be a hit.

If you want comfort food, come by for a visit. I’ll put the coffee on.

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