Yesterday Steph taught me how to make mozzarella. I’ve never tried before, but she’s done it numerous times.

Mozzarella sells for about two to three times more than regular fresh cheese. We’re hoping we can sell mozzarella. Oscar is interested in finding customers in Cusco, maybe some who own pizza shops.

I had tried making sour cream, also. I mixed a cup of cream, some water, and vinegar for my starter. I set that out in the sun with cheesecloth covering it. After about six hours, I brought it in to mix with the fresh yogurt I’d started at the same time. The plan was to combine the two and allow them to sour more with the result of a thicker sour cream.

That was not to be. Just as I was walking across the kitchen to pour the cream into the yogurt, Dane crashed into me. I managed to save only about a quarter cup of the starter. Don’t cry over spilt cream, as they should say.

I did combine the little bit of starter and yogurt anyway and let it sour a couple of hours before I strained it. I added some more vinegar to make up for the missing starter. It turned out rather well.

Steph made baked potatoes for supper. We were able to use the sour cream, and the children said it tasted as good as the stuff from the store in Virginia. I thought it was tasty myself.

Fresh mozzarella

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