And the Wind Blew and Beat Upon the House

…and the chicken house fell. And great was the fall of it. Today we had what is known as A Wind. One of its more ambitious acts was removing the chicken house roof.

I guess the house didn’t fall, but the roof did. How does a roof fall off, you ask? That’s the very question I asked!

Well, I don’t want to tell you. But I guess I will. Forensic evidence revealed in the autopsy that not a single screw was placed through the purlins on the west side.

Apparently, you want the purlins screwed down, or the roof will be screwed up later. Consider that a life hack, if you wish.

I dismantled the roof and began remantling it. There is more to do tomorrow. I plan to fasten things down this time for something different.

We shall speak of it no more. It shall not be spoken of.

I had used wire to hold the purlins in place… temporarily.
This was the opposite side. When the roof was lifted, it ripped out these screws.
Walter watched and laughed from the grass.

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