Not Much Progress

Today was baking day, so Abbey mixed up banana cupcakes while Anne mixed up chocolate cupcakes. Steph supervised while making a batch of cheese. Dane washed potatoes, and I cut up hot peppers for the freezer.

The morning went pretty well. The cheese didn’t quite get to the texture wanted, but the four dozen cupcakes turned out fine.

In the afternoon, we tried working on the chicken pen roof, but we kept running into troubles. We were not making progress much at all when it started raining.

It’s been cool and cloudy for two days and finally rained some today. It wasn’t heavy, but it was enough to send us indoors.

But the chuck on my drill had quit functioning, anyway. I messaged Rafael, and they do have a good, corded drill. We’re going to arrange for me to get it. Until then, I may put the roof repair on hold.

P.S. I now have ~90 book titles. I’ll wait a few more days and see if I get up to 100 titles before sharing them with you.

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