Broken Pipes… Again.

We decided to go on a walk this afternoon. We made it up to Lamar’s house when we noticed a slightly wet yard. My eyes immediately went to the spigot–which was missing.

I dashed over and found it lying on top of the ground. I did some quick closing off of valves so we wouldn’t lose all the water out of the tank. The pipe had apparently been freshly broken.

I am thankful the Lord led us to take what would have been a leisurely walk at that very time. Had we left a little earlier, we may have witnessed the breaking. As it is, we are left to imagine a wild beast broke it off. Hopefully, it wasn’t one of The Fiercer Animals, like a heffalump.

I shut the valve off by the road. Santos wasn’t around, so I have no way to let him know not to turn it back on. I’m hoping some of the water drains away overnight so I can more easily work with it tomorrow.

Had you told me a year ago that moving to Peru would mostly consist of fixing broken pipes/being without water and of being in lockdown on a farm with no easy access to aid and of a few other choice difficulties, I cannot guarantee I’d be here.

This is the adventure of life. We never know what’s around the bend. The challenge is to do our best and be our best for today and to learn whatever lessons we can along the way.

With or without water.