Friday Activities

Yesterday morning, Steph had various projects for everyone: cleaning bathrooms upstairs and down, folding laundry, filling water bottles, washing the stove, et cetera. Steph had to bake some bread for Oscar’s. We all got busy and got stuff done.

After lunch, Steph tried to run water for dishes only to find there was none. I spent an hour or so figuring out that the pressure coming down the line was just too weak to reach the tank. We’d used a lot for laundry and various other projects the last couple of days.

I decided not to move water up from the reserve tank just yet. If pressure would still be low the next day, I’d move some. In the meantime, I adjusted valves so we would would have gravity-fed pressure for which we felt extremely grateful. Water issues…

For the afternoon, we headed out of the barn. It’s always surprising how much there is to clear out. We worked for nearly two hours on various projects.

Besides clearing out the goat pen, we are also working on the area between the goat pen and pig pen. There is quite the buildup of old manure from time past. I lost track of the number of wheelbarrow loads I hauled out.

The upper end of the garden plot is starting to get filled in. I think I’ve said before that my goal is to have a thick plot of compost by the time the rains come again. At the rate we’re going, it’s looking doable.

Steph and I mixed up feed for the goats for the next couple of weeks. Shawn helped us. It’s good practice for him to have to count his cups of grain. Seth tried to help by attempting to pour water into a large sack of rice. Thankfully, Steph caught him just in time.

It has felt much warmer in the mornings the past few days because of all the clouds. The heat that builds up during the day usually disappears completely on clear nights during the dry season. Cloudy mornings mean we get to keep some of that heat.

The children said it was “so hot” they didn’t need coats. I checked: It was 35 degrees at that moment. Apparently, they are acclimating. I was warm enough by the end of milking that I had unzipped my coat, so maybe it was pretty warm.

P.S. I went up to move water from the reserve tank this morning, but it wasn’t necessary. The tank had managed to fill completely overnight. Thank the Lord!

Baking bread for Oscar’s
How Walter helps.
Building up the garden plot
Enjoying the clean pen