I thought we’d be done before lunch, but I didn’t finish up until 2:30 this afternoon. Steph and the children came up and helped. That made it go more quickly.

I will spare you the details, but the pipe is repaired. Again. I decided to plant two short posts on either side of the spigot with a rooflet on them to create a barrier to future breakage. While I was there, I added the replacement cutoff valve.

I considered hanging a sign: Do Not Break The Pipes. But do heffalumps read?

Before I turned the water main back on, we all gathered around the pipes and prayed over them. Praise the Lord, there are no leaks and no breaks as of now. That feels rather good, I must say.

We were finishing up chores when Rafael and Elisabet asked to stop by. They ended up staying for supper. Steph and I needed to make up the yogurt I’d started this morning, so they joined in and learned how.

After seeing our process, they think we should charge a good bit more for our yogurt. And they say there is no bread like ours (I.e. Steph’s). They strongly urged us to raise our prices. We’ll see.

For now, we are glad to have all the work done, and the pipes back in order. All our needs are met. We can rest in peace.

P.S. The moon is beautiful. I cannot capture the delight in a photo. We can also see a couple of planets clearly. I hope you can get out to see it, but it might not be the same as seeing it through crystal clear skies from the Andean mountains of Peru.


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