Making Bread, Building Friendships

Elisabet had asked Steph to teach her how to make bread sometime. Today, it suited them to come in the afternoon.

The women started on the bread while Rafael helped me a little with the chicken pen. A light rain blew in, so we didn’t get far before moving inside.

Rafael and I sat on the front porch, watching the rain, enjoying the rainbow, and talking about our days. Once it was time to milk, he joined me. He wanted me to explain why all cows don’t have udders. That was a stretch of my Spanish vocabulary.

We made hamburgers for supper while the bread rose. They’d never had hamburgers like these, and they’d never heard of pickles in their lives. Steph had bought me a jar of pickles for Christmas, and this was the first we’d cracked them open. They were delicious.

Rafael, Dane, and I played 10,000 at the table while we waited for the ladies to mold the bread. Once the kitchen was cleaned up, the ladies joined us. The bread baked in the background.

Steph made two-ingredient donuts for snack. They’re delicious. They tasted the bread and discovered the salt we missing. Well, it was a learning experience.

Thursday, Rafael and Elisabet plan to go to Cusco early to get supplies for the store. They offered to take me along so I can do some shopping. Hopefully, I can find some coffee, as we are getting rather low on that. Steph has a long list of other items I need to look for.

We will have to leave here at 4:30 in the morning because the supply stores are only allowed to be open until 8:00, I think. That ought to be an adventure.

The big loaves have salt, thankfully.
The donuts