Some Prayer Requests

I thought I would share some things on our minds and prayer lists. If you want, you can pray along with us.

Rafael and Elisabet: They are really good friends, such a blessing in so many ways. They have a partial knowledge of God that is largely informed by fear and superstition. I pray that they could find freedom from fear by learning to know God personally.

Alicia: Steph met her in town, and she’s doing well. We miss being able to see her, but the lockdown measures make it very difficult. Pray that she has her needs met. Being an elderly widow makes life even harder.

Fernando and Esmeralda: Steph has been able to stay connected with Esmeralda via messaging. Every Sunday, I share my message recording with Esmeralda; she reminds me if I’m late. Pray that her hunger for truth leads her closer to God.

The lecheros, Ascensión and Concepción: We haven’t been seeing them lately, as they’ve been leaving for Cusco in the middle of the night to sell their milk. They were just caught by the police and written up because they were breaking the lockdown. If they are caught again, they’re facing jail time. So now he’s supposed to stay here on the farm; she doesn’t seem to be around anymore, though. Pray that we can show Jesus to them.

Oscar and family: Oscar has been kind and a real blessing during our lockdown. We’re thankful for the growing friendship with them. Pray that we can be the friends they need. They are from a family with difficult relationships. We want to show them love and kindness if we can.

Lockdown: There is hope for it to lift to some degree at the end of the month. The local economy is crippled under the current measures. The borders are still under closure until September, according to the current announcements. Pray that we can find ways to buy and sell what we need. And pray that we find a solution to school books, which we can’t order with the borders closed.

Lamar and Beulah: They are still in the States. They can’t come back because of the closed borders. They are somewhat in limbo. Pray that God helps them know what the next right thing is while they are there. Pray God’s blessing on them during this pilgrimage time of theirs.

My Granny in Tennessee: She’s been battling cancer and now has other health difficulties. She’s in the hospital currently again. Pray for Thelma and her family as they help her through this hard time.

Vehicle: We’re looking to buy a vehicle that would fit the needs of our farm and family. Pray that God leads us to the best option for the long term.

Thanks for your support. I know many of you are praying for us because many of you remind me regularly. God bless you as you labor in love for us.

The fog this morning

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