Meeting the New Water Committee

As you may remember, I had tried in vain to contact the newly elected water committee back a couple months ago when we couldn’t keep our water running. Well, today they showed up unannounced.

And they were unhappy. They said there is no water up in the reservoir, and it’s our fault because we are irrigating with the mountain water. I told them over and over that we weren’t, but they wouldn’t be convinced.

They said they know I’m lying because we have green grass near our house. I told them I think that’s simply because of the shadow the tall house casts. They said it’s because I leave the water running all night when no one is watching.

They said they’d be back in a couple of days, and if we are still irrigating our yard–which we never were–they will cut our water supply permanently.

Then they left.

So you can pray for the water committee. And you can pray for Marcelino Valdez, the committee president. He was very angry. I’m sure it’s difficult for him when he can’t find where the water is going. That frustration simply spilled out onto me.

Pray that God gives us an opportunity to show love to this new committee… and that we get to keep our water.

Here is a random picture of Shawn, just hanging in there.

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