A Visit from Fernando’s

Earlier this week Steph and I messaged Fernando and Esmeralda and invited them over for supper if they could come. It suited them to come on Thursday.

We made pizza for them. Every time I write that we had pizza, I’m struck with the realization that another whole week has gone by. That’s stunning to consider how quickly the weeks pass.

Fernando especially was delighted with the pizza. He pushed us repeatedly to sell pizza in Izcuchaca. Steph and I have tossed around the idea, but the thought of being in town that much and of having a potentially intense baking schedule does not meet our family goals. We’re glad to have the goats to work with.

Fernando and I also discussed possibilities for buying a vehicle. He says I needn’t worry about it. All I have to do is give him the money, and he’ll return with a vehicle in short order. I told him I’ll keep looking for now.

After supper, we sat around the table and sang several hymns together. Esmeralda has not been able to have services with us. She said she really loves singing with us.

With the table cleared, I taught them a new table game. We call it 10,000, and it’s played with dice. You may be familiar with similar games. Explaining an ongoing game like that is an excellent exercise for my Spanish skills. It’s something the children down to Dane can help us play, so it makes for great family time.

Fernando’s asked if we could get together again in a week or two, so that’s now in the planning stage. We’re enjoying being able to see people again.

Steph mentioned the fact that neither of us had taken a single picture while Fernando’s were here. That’s a sign that we were well-occupied the whole evening.


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