Meet Enoch

Though Agnes is ginormous, and I wasn’t even certain Alice was bred, Alice kidded first. She had only one buckling yesterday. He is adopted out to one of the blog supporters who named him Enoch.

Alice is giving a good amount of milk and is so much easier to milk than the others have been. She’s tall, she has a dairy udder, and the milk just pours out of her. I’m pretty pleased.

The last kids were born eleven weeks ago. I should give an update on them soon. They are being weaned next week, so it’s fun to have a new baby on the farm again.

Enoch has ears that reach almost to his legs. That would be horrific in a human, but it’s simply adorable in a kid.

Agnes looks ready to pop any moment, so Enoch will have little friends soon. Maude is the next one due, but I don’t think she’ll kid for about a month yet. That’s the last kidding from ones I’d bought already bred.

The does bred by Merry are all due in September and October. We’re looking forward to more kids and more milk.