In Search of a Western Union

I feel too tired to say much, but I was in Cusco all day dealing with truck documents and such. I didn’t get home until bedtime.

The money we want to use to pay for the truck is in our banking account in the States. We had some from selling our truck there and from selling the house. It has been waiting patiently until now.

But how to get it here? I wanted to use Western Union, but I could not find an open location, due to the quarantine measures. I thought maybe MoneyGram could work. There are open locations of those in Cusco, but the website didn’t like me.

I came home somewhat defeated, but I’m going back again tomorrow to try again. I guess the money can keep on being patient.

I did end up in the mall in Cusco because there’s supposed to be a Western Union there. I never found it, but the security guards said it was closed. It was weird seeing so few people in such a large space.

It’s hard to capture the feeling. They are very strict about distancing measures and washings and maskings. Case numbers were reported as going down in Cusco, but they are still fighting them in Lima. They say Lima is rebelling against the quarantine measures and are seeing the results of that. I don’t have the data.

I saw this in the mall. It was hard not to buy some.
Distancing on the escalator
Distancing in the men’s room