This and That

Having been gone pretty well all week, there was plenty to catch up. A number of things will simply have to wait until next week. We were busy working, but I didn’t think about catching many pictures.

Yesterday morning, I had a number of things to work on in the office, including some school stuff. I stayed busy with that until lunch time.

After naps, Dane, Shawn, and I worked on cutting rebar. I have a large stack of nine-meter pieces that I’m cutting into pieces a meter and a half long. We got several pieces done before chores.

Steph was working on making various cheeses with the milk that had accumulated over the past few days. One cheese she makes is a paprika cheese that is pretty tasty.

This morning I was in the office again, prepping for a sermon tomorrow. I took a nap today. I was pretty wiped out after the week I’d had.

The new kids have been named. One of the blog supporters named Wyan has adopted the doeling. He and his family decided to call her S’mores. I don’t think I’m planning to keep the buckling, but we will call him Marshmallow in the meantime. Steph really likes how pretty he is, but there are only so many bucks a farm needs.

Estrella was in heat, so I arranged with the vet to have her inseminated. He said he found a slight infection, so instead of breeding her, he flushed her with antibiotics. I had checked her and didn’t notice an infection, but I decided not to contradict him. We’ll have to wait another few weeks.

The vet has been ordering cheeses. He recently asked for goat cheese for himself now that we have a good amount of goat milk. He had sent the other cheeses to Lima to his wife and children there.

I cannot imagine having to live without my wife and children for weeks or months at a time, but it’s exceedingly common here. A lot of men have a family in the Cusco area and another family in the Lima area, which is a full day’s drive away. The trouble this causes for everyone involved is easy to imagine.

Recently, I heard the dogs throwing a fit late at night. I got up to check and found them both attacking our neighbor who happened to be near our barn. He called for me to hold the dogs off and then explained that he was looking for robbers. He scooted out of the yard pretty quickly once I had the dogs off of him.

This evening, he stepped into the yard and was complaining to me that he has been trying to come into our field and yard to check for thieves in the middle of the night, but the dogs bite him. I told him they were good guard dogs. He said he supposes they will keep thieves away if they keep him away.

We are actually getting to bed on time tonight with pretty well everything ready for tomorrow. That feels nice.

One of my puppies. He’s seven or eight months old now.
Paprika cheese on goat cheese
Pressed ricotta
Mini pizzas for supper