Thank you to Lamar’s family

Last year over the time we were busy in the States getting ready to move to Peru, Lamar’s family was busy in Peru preparing for our arrival.

When they’d arrived in Peru a couple months before, nothing was ready for them. In fact, there were people still living in the house they were to move into. They worked on their house while living in a hotel in Izcuchaca.

We were spared that trouble and so many other troubles because of their hard work. They even went so far as to order some furniture for us before we arrived.

Lamar picked us up at the airport and took us home to a breakfast of biscuits and gravy. That was such a comfort after the strain of the trip. Over the next number of weeks, they helped us more days than not in working on the house, working on paperwork, working on the language–all sorts of things.

Coming here presented a number of difficulties that we could hardly have prepared for. From understanding the culture to understanding the language, Lamar’s served as a bridge over troubled waters for us.

We were definitely the babies during those days. Feeling pretty helpless and ignorant and receiving a lot of help and direction. We’re deeply grateful for all they did for us.

Today is 110 days since they left. We still miss them and pray for them often. As Beulah said in a recent update, they feel very much like pilgrims and strangers, not knowing what the next step will be. The virus has upset the fruit basket in that way. But we wish them God’s blessing as they seek His direction.

Thank you, Lamar, Beulah, Juanita, and Joel. Many blessings to you.

P.S. Garralina had five kittens today. She did not use the nice basket Steph made for her. Instead, she had the kittens in the middle of the boys’ bed.

P.S.S. Steph made a lovely cake topped with chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate our Peru anniversary. It was beautiful and delicious.

I moved the kittens.