Thursday, No Big Plans

Famous last words.

We had a breakfast of only biscuits and jam so we would have no dishes. The plan was to go into town to do some shopping, pay the electric, and head back. That all went moderately well, and we left town in good time.

Maude was in labor, staked in the back yard. I had been up three times to check on her the night before, but she decided not to have them while I was checking.

We wanted to visit Fernando’s and Alicia on the way home. Steph had baked some bread to drop off. We stopped in at Fernando’s first. They told us, as we’d heard in town, that two people died in Izcuchaca from the virus this week, and around two hundred people are reported sick.

They warned us to stay away from town and people. Then they invited us to lunch on Saturday. The last time I’d stopped in at Fernando’s, they fed me cow tongue. I still have found no use for that extra language.

A sad thing happened at Fernando’s. While driving past a post, the post leaped out and smashed the rear, passenger’s door. The driver has asked to remain anonymous in this case. Fernando smacked me repeatedly on the arm with the back of his hand, and asked what my problem was. He says he will take it to get repaired on Monday because he cannot bear to look at it now.

Rafael called and asked if I could go with him to Cusco to pick up a birthday gift for Elisabet. Her birthday is tomorrow. He knew what he wanted and where it was, so I figured it would be a quick trip. Steph predicted I wouldn’t get back until late.

Steph has an annoying habit of being right about such things. And there is no such thing as a quick trip to Cusco. The only recorded quick trip was a historical and famous jaunt made by Alicia Martin and Jolynn the first week we were here. It has never been duplicated.

We got back to the house to find Maude had a new set of twins. I made sure they were well, grabbed two tamales to take with me for lunch, and headed to Izcuchaca again. We plan to visit Alicia on Saturday, Lord willing.

Poor Steph was left alone to tell the story, feeling a bit as if the Sabeans had fallen upon her. She was caring for the children while trying to advance the cake project, then the neighbor lady came over and said she wanted to spend the evening with Steph. And she said she could help with the cake!

Steph wanted help, but not help that could ruin her precious cake. She managed to keep the neighbor happily occupied holding Walter or doing some projects that did not directly touch the cake.

I had planned to make enchilada casserole for supper, but I got home too late to start everything in good time. One added delay was that the keys were locked in the truck at one point. Thankfully, a window was down enough to allow us to get them out.

After milking, I worked on supper while the children cleaned up the kitchen, and Steph worked on the cake. Thankfully, I’d prepared some things the evening before. Supper was an hour and a half late, but it was worth the wait.

Meanwhile, Steph and the cake had become firm enemies. The design she had in mind remained there while some horrific Mr. Hyde-version took its place on the cake.

After supper, Steph wiped the slate clean and asked me to sketch something on the cake for her. She then piped the color on, following my sketches. That worked out better.

After devotions, I put the children to bed before taking a shower in a trickle of water. Yes, we’d also run out of water. I’d cut the pump off and switched to mountain pressure. We had what we needed.

And then we went to bed. The sleep of a laboring family is sweet.

Rafael is an experienced key snatcher.
Shh… Don’t tell anyone.
Enchiladas! So nice and hot!