Feliz Cumpleaños, Elisabet!

Yesterday was mostly spent prepping food for the birthday. They had ordered three large pizzas, two savory and one fruit, as well as the cake and two dozen cupcakes. We made a whopping $35 from it all! While we were there, two of the other guests asked to place cake orders. Let’s hope they aren’t as complicated as this one.

We took the pizzas to Elisabet’s mom’s place to bake. They wanted them done there so they could be fresh and hot when–or as–guests arrived. The supper was to be at 5:00; the last guests (her dad and brother) arrived around 8:00. This is Peru.

The one guest brought his instruments and played and sang as his birthday gift. How would you like if your guests would sit and sing directly to you as your special present while everyone else looked on? I was glad it wasn’t me, but everyone else seemed to think it was normal.

With each new guest we had to address the astonishment at having six children and not yet having reached thirty-five years of age. Everyone oohed and aahed over the children, los blanquitos gringuitos (the little white foreigners). They commented on how quiet they were. I attribute their quietness to being overwhelmed by all the new people talking a mile a minute in Spanish.

Before we left, Elisabet asked if we could please sing for her. She specifically requested Mis Bendiciones, a song we’ve sung various times when they’ve visited. The children often sing it while doing dishes. Rafael quieted everyone down, which was no small feat as there were now two men playing two different songs on two different instruments.

We sang one verse and the chorus and got no further because everyone began exclaiming how beautiful it was and how it touched their hearts. I told Rafael that we sing más suavecito in comparison to all the singing from the evening. He said it doesn’t matter because our songs are always better than what they sing. I found that intriguing.

We lost track of how many times we were thanked for coming and for cooking and for baking and so on. When they feel grateful, they are certainly effervescent about it; that’s something we need to learn. We went around and bumped fists with everyone in farewell. Various people apologized for not hugging us and promised to hug us double once the virus is past. That ought to be interesting.

A Covid-19 side note: The most interesting conversation of the evening centered around the use of Ivermectin (an animal dewormer) to combat the virus. Many in the group (including the dentist) are drinking it daily, one drop per ten kilos of body weight. It can be taken straight, but it tastes better with milk or yogurt. They said that many doctors aren’t prescribing it to patients because they can’t get the strong stuff, but you can get it at the local Vet store for only S/12. Just be careful not to drink too much, or it will upset your stomach.

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