Cutting Up Trees With Walter

Walter asked me to come help him cut up trees yesterday, but I couldn’t because I was waiting on the vet to arrive at our place. He never showed up, but it turns out the tree-cutting crew didn’t show up at Alicia’s, either.

The vet said he would be here early this morning. I called him at 7:00, and he said he’d be here in half an hour. He wasn’t here at 8:00, so I called Walter to see if he still wanted help, which he did.

I arrived at Alicia’s to find another vet there working on her cow’s infected foot. He said, “You know cows really well. You will help me. Grab her nose.” So I grabbed her nose and held her for him.

We then dropped her and tied her up so he could clean out the infection. He had Walter hold her head and told me to help with the foot. Okay, then!

The poor cow was fairly bad off. I had noticed her foot on Sunday morning when I picked up Alicia for church and recommended she get it taken care of. How interesting that I ended up helping in the end.

Cow sorted, Walter and I started cutting up the limbs of the two huge eucalyptus trees they’d felled. As we worked, we talked. Walter’s family has gone through some personal difficulties. I think it was good for him to open up to someone.

We also talked about the possibility of Alicia moving to Curahuasi with them. Alicia talked to me later in the day, too. It seems they are in agreement that if the animals can be parceled out, she will move in with them for a time. That was easy.

Periodically, I heard from Emilio today. His girlfriend Lili is feeling some better after drinking warm liquid gelatin last night and this morning. Today was a national holiday, so they are waiting to go to the hospital until tomorrow.

Emilio asked if I could send any scripture that he could read to Lili to calm her mind. He said she was beside herself with fear. I found several passages and sent them to him. He was very grateful.

For lunch, Alicia made fish. I didn’t realize it was fish until the first bite when the fish bones poked into the roof of my mouth. I haven’t eaten fish in a long time (Steph isn’t a fishy person, and she’s the cook), but I enjoyed it.

After finishing up the delimbing and hauling of de limbs, Walter said he’d like to come to our house to help with chores. He took his moto, so he could return. Alicia rode with me on the way home, but took the moto with Walter when they left.

I am rather pink from being in the sun all day, and I feel pretty tired, but I enjoyed working with another fellow again. It was a good day.

The vet never did show up here.

She has a boot of food bags on her sore foot to keep it dry.
They use the branches to make fence around the property.
The fence
Leaving on the moto