Lunch with Alicia

I contacted another vet, and he came this morning. He said he’d be here at 9:00, but he showed up at 7:00. That got the morning off to a crazy start. The girls milked goats while I helped the vet. We are synchronizing the oldest three heifers for breeding because we are not seeing any heat activity with them.

After a late breakfast, I moved my office from the downstairs southernmost room to the upstairs northernmost room. The difference is delightful. I was not shivering while working at the desk today because the sun hits that room all day. I wish I’d have done this long ago.

For lunch, we went to Alicia’s. She wanted to make a meal for us. She served pork chops, which were delightful. Walter was still around, so he and I sat out in the backyard and talked while the children played. They were petting the cow tied there when she decided to stand up, scaring them spitless.

Steph talked with Alicia, which is always a challenge because of how fast and muddy Alicia’s speech is. But it sounded like Steph was keeping up really well. The language is coming along faster with more communication.

Walter told me now is the time to collect tree limbs to start rooting for a couple months before the rain comes. I’m supposed to keep them in buckets of water, changing out the water every week. By the time the grass is green, they should be able to be planted.

So I went out and gathered an abundance of limbs from the few pines and willows along the fence rows. The trees are just beginning to bud and put out new growth. I read this is the best time to get them to root from cuttings. I would love to have more trees.

I do not regularly climb trees, but I needed to today in order to reach the limbs of the willow tree. I also seldom descend trees. I was a bit out of practice. I ended up coming down at what was a higher rate of speed than I’d calculated for, leaving some of my skin behind in the process. This was sad as I’m fairly attached to my skin. Or at least I was.

But now I have limblings of varying sizes, and I’m eager to have treelings from them. It was worth the tumble.

Anne took this photo, so she is not pictured.
Run for your lives!
Cutting up corn stalks for the cow
Sampling of some of the missing skin. There were other patches. I did not cry.
The discards from the tree limbs. These might root, too. That would be fun.