Back on Lockdown

We found out yesterday that the quarantine is back again to base one. We have a curfew each day at 8:00 in the evening until 4:00 the next morning; Sundays are also on curfew, meaning we may not travel on Sunday.

Travel between regions is prohibited. We had floated the idea of visiting Walter’s family in Curahuasi, but that is out of the picture for now.

The lockdown is set to last until August 31. We’ve been told that the international state of emergency was extended to the end of the year, but I did not find any official notice of that, so I’m hoping that’s not the case. We shall see.

We are still planning to have services here at home. Esmeralda is hoping to come tomorrow. I think there is still allowance for that at home. I need to contact Alicia about picking her up or not. I’m unclear if that’s permissible, given it’s on Sunday.

We’d been testing the air, and had decided to collect supplies last week in case there was an extended lockdown. We feel like we have plenty.

One disappointment is that we cannot sell our milk and bucklings and so on. This is a question everyone is facing here. How they can support themselves with the economy closed down is a serious problem. The government is providing some support for food and such.

So, our short month of visiting friends has come to a close. Thank you to all of you who visit us digitally in one form or another. We’re grateful for you.

I hope you are hale and hearty. Rest well tonight.

P.S. I think I forgot to tell you the names of our latest kids. We hope to raise up the doeling. She was adopted out to the family of one of the Patrons, Nathan. They named her Flicka. We do not plan to keep the buckling, but we are calling him Bree.

Flicka is about half as big as Bree.
Shawn is holding Flicka.