Painting the Gables Red

I sorely underestimated how long it would take to get the gable ends painted, but at least we have begun. Dane can reach the bottom section by using the step ladder. I used the extension ladder to do the next higher section.

The girls were inside, painting the windows and the upstairs porch door. They finished the windows, but I think there’s a little to do on the door.

They all did really well for their ages. Naturally, Dane’s hands were about as red as the boards he painted, but that’s part of learning.

We’re out of thinner, and we have only half a gallon of paint left, so I’m going to try to go into town tomorrow to collect some more. One person is allowed in town, but I’m unsure if the vehicle is allowed in town or not. We shall see.

This is Shawn’s finger framing the picture of Dane and me.