Prayer Requests

I thought I would update you on our prayer list so you can pray with us.

Fernando y Esmeralda: Fernando was talking to me at his birthday party about how he prays to a picture of his parents and to a picture of one of the saints to ask for protection because God is too far away and too busy to help him. I told him that’s not true; that God wants to live in His heart and help him every day. He said, “I want that, David. You help me find it.” I think he really does want a close relationship with God. Pray that the Spirit speaks to his heart.

Esmeralda spent some time shooting questions at Steph and me one afternoon we stopped in to visit. She had a number of questions about the Bible and God. She seems very hungry. Pray that her hunger can be filled.

Alicia: Alicia seems to be softening. She is not as angry as she was a year ago. She was talking about what God expects of her in her relationship to her family and seemed to be spot on. She’s been witnessing to her neighbors when she can’t go to church. Pray that God stirs the fire of truth in her.

Walter y Evita: They have recently suffered a personal loss and are fighting discouragement and loneliness. Also, the orphanage Walter works at may be closing down because the foreigners who founded it are pulling out due to the virus. Pray for them to know God’s direction for their lives.

Rafael y Elisabet: Rafael has been sick for a couple of weeks now with the flu. He says it’s just a regular flu, not the virus, but it’s pretty rough on him. He is battling fear. Elisabet is also very afraid. They’ve been trying all sorts of superstitious things to avoid the flu, as if it were dark magic or bad luck. Yet, they’ve been more open and inquisitive about God. Pray that God reveals the way of peace to them.

Rafael Roca y familia: This Rafael is a faithful Christian brother in southern Peru. He tested positive for the virus, along with others in his family. They are suffering. Some of his family are unbelievers. Pray for courage and wisdom for Rafael and his sister Marta as they live for Jesus there.

Emilio y Lili: Emilio was a believer who turned away from God. He is now reaping a bitter harvest. He’s in an unhappy relationship with a girl who is unfaithful to him. She is battling the virus, but recovering. Yet as Emilio nursed her back to health, she was in relationship with another fellow while Emilio was at work. Emilio asked for me to send him messages from the Bible, which I have and will. Pray that God shows him the way back home.

Ronal el veterinario: I’ve been having more and more contact with our vet who is a single fellow in his forties. He had supper with us the other evening. He is finally beginning to ask questions. Pray that he is open to truth and that I know what to say.

Farm stuff: I am caring for the health and reproduction of Lamar’s heifers, but I cannot seem to get them bred. Pray that God gives me wisdom to make this happen so they can be sold for Lamar.

Also, our batch of chicks got a cold. I have medicated them, but they’ve been dying one after the other. We are down to a dozen from sixteen. It is so hard to help chickens with lung problems. We are praying for them to heal so we do not have so much loss.

We have had water for a couple of weeks now, and the pump continues to function. We are praising the Lord for that!

Money stuff: Like our neighbors, we cannot get to market to sell anything. Most of the goats will be in milk in a month or two. Pray that God gives us an opportunity to sell our milk products. The income would be helpful.

We are not suffering. We appreciate the help from the States from various corners, especially from the mission board and from our Patrons. Blessings to you!

Family stuff: Steph and I are feeling the weight of training our children to love one another. Pray that God gives us wisdom and strength to lead their hearts to His heart. And pray that God works on us to root out our selfishness.

Thank you for praying with us.

Fernando’s family
Rafael and Elisabet
Ronal, the vet