Church and A Fire

Esmeralda and María Gracia were with us for church today. We enjoy the relaxed time with a small group. Abbey had given María Gracia an old dress, which she wore to church. She and Esmeralda were both thrilled with it.

Because of the cold, we have been having the service upstairs where it gets warmer sooner. We can open the porch door and let the sun shine in.

Esmeralda asked that we pray for Fernando that he could find God. I sent Fernando a recording of one of the messages that answered some of his questions. Pray the Holy Spirit draws him.

After the service, Esmeralda and María Gracia stayed for at least an hour. We adults sat on the upstairs porch in the sun and talked. Esmeralda asked Steph to make a dress for María Gracia. The children went out and watered goats.

In the evening, I built a fire on the south side of the house to escape the wind. The children love having a fire. We don’t have much wood, so I mostly used dried cow manure for the fuel. When it was hot enough, we added a couple small logs.

We can’t easily find marshmallows here, so Steph makes homemade ones. They aren’t quite the same as the ones you’d be used to, but they are really good. When the coals were just right, we roasted a few.

While we sat huddled around our little fire, we could watch the mountains burning around us. Though it’s illegal, most people burn off their crop land during the dry season. It’s incredible to watch a mountainside burn up in only a few hours. Fire moves fast when stuff is this dry. Dangerous, but pretty–from a distance.

It was a restful Sunday.

Showing Walter the orange kitten
See the mountain burning in the distance?
Roasting homemade marshmallows
Me, trying to get warm

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