A Trip to Town

Yesterday I went to town to do some shopping and to deliver some milk and bread to a couple people. Rafael’s had ordered some for themselves and for Elisabet’s parents. The girls kept on painting while I was away. It’s great that they can help like that.

There were many police out on the streets. They were kept busy keeping people from parking along the sidewalks, which is normally the place to park. I hadn’t noticed before that the whole length of main street is marked off as no-parking. Today was the first time I’d ever seen it enforced.

I ended up parking uptown at the Plaza and walking down to the mercado to do my shopping. The streets had puddles in them, which made me smile. We had our first rain storm of the season the night before. We may get one or two more rains this month.

I stopped to pick up a few things at Victoria’s store and to chat with her. She said things are really bad for them since people aren’t shopping. Business is hard for them. She said only those who trust them closely come to buy.

She told me to be sure to stay away from town as much as possible, but to always bring her goat milk when I come because it’s good for her health. I told her I would try to do that.

I dropped off the milk at Elisabet’s mom’s place. She was thrilled and wanted to show me her chicks. She’s raising some to butcher. Rafael says that he doesn’t know who’s going to help butcher them because he’s not!

Rafael and Elisabet talked with me about making milk and bread deliveries regularly. They and some friends and family want to regularly buy from us. They want us to make flyers with prices to give to people who want to buy from us.

They asked me to stay for lunch. In the course of conversation, Elisabet thanked me for sharing the recordings of my Sunday messages with them because they are realizing how much they are failing. She said she thought she was a good Catholic until she met us, but now she realizes that she really doesn’t know God.

She said that they are learning that God wants more than a faith that is nothing more than words. They want to learn to have faith like we have.

Rafael is still sick. It’s been weeks. Elisabet suggested that they try praying and asking for healing, but Rafael said they couldn’t pray because they are too far from God because of their disobedience. But he said they could ask me because I have God with me.

I told them I will pray, but I told them they too can have God living in their hearts. I told them it’s a beautiful life to have Him with us all the time, to live our lives for Jesus. They said they want to, but not yet.

Keep praying for them.

When the girls paint…
…it shows.
First rain storm of the season
Smells so good