Our Cold Water Heater

…doesn’t heat. So it’s just a cold water interruptor.

It acted odd the day before yesterday. It was sort of coughing, but not from the virus. Turns out, the gas tank had condensation–a lot of it–and it filled up the line. When enough gas built up to push the water through, there was a minor explosion that left black soot on the ceiling.

Then today it did not want to ignite. I fiddled with it various times. Twice I got it to ignite, but this evening it just wouldn’t.

So I took it all apart, hunting for a blockage of some sort. What I found instead was a faulty solenoid (Is that what it’s called?) that would neither sole nor noid. How am I to fix that?

Rafael messaged this afternoon and ordered a pizza. We are their personal pizza hut, I guess. They came to pick it up at 8:00. Rafael stayed in the yard to avoid getting close enough to the children to pass any germs. He’s still sick.

I brought out the offending part and asked him if he knew where to get a replacement. He thought there may be a place in Cusco. He plans to go on Monday, so we may get a replacement part next week.

If not… I don’t know. Meanwhile, it’s sponge baths again.

The culprit