This Little Pig Came Home

As you may remember, Fernando said he could sell our male pig for twice the price our neighbor had offered to pay for it. But before they did it, they wanted to use him to breed their sow.

The sow is bred, but our pig is not sold. Fernando said he could find no one to buy it. He says people don’t have the need or money for a pig now after so long in quarantine.

So this afternoon, they asked if I could come get him. It took some doing to get him caught and into the truck. He didn’t want to be caught. But once we had him loaded up, I started talking to him and scratching his head, and he calmed right down. Fernando’s were all exclaiming over how calm he was with me.

At home, I backed up to the bank of dirt in our front yard to unload him, but unloading was a bit difficult. He just wanted to take a nap. He lay there and grunted and rolled over to have his belly scratched, but he didn’t feel like getting up.

I do think it was better to have a lazy pig than a wild pig. I finally got him up and off the truck. We staked him in the front garden area. He set to work rooting it up. He seems really happy to be back.

Anyone want a pig?

He lay down the whole way home.