Twelve Years

Yesterday was special because we celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary. Steph walked by while I was milking goats early before breakfast. She was helping the girls lead goats out to the field.

“Would you have been able to imagine our lives today twelve years ago?” she asked. Of course, I couldn’t have guessed where we’d be or what we’d be living through. It’s been a beautiful, crazy adventure so far.

Someone recently asked me what my most important life choice was. I asked them if that excluded salvation and marriage because those are definitely the greatest choices I’ve made.

Next to Jesus, Steph has been the most influential person in my life. She has been faithful and patient to help me become a better person. And she’s always willing to try new things with me, no matter how harebrained my ideas. She can’t see how incredible she is, so I am working to tell her more often. But I think she’s simply amazing.

After breakfast, we prepped for church. Steph and I dressed in our wedding clothes. She had made me a shirt and vest for our wedding, as well as her dress for herself. Every year we try to wear them. Last year was a month before Walter arrived, so that didn’t work.

Esmeralda was with us for church again. She was happy to share the happy moment with us. She mentioned about us having six children by our twelfth anniversary. I asked how many we might have by our fiftieth anniversary! That was a nice laugh.

We asked Dane to take a picture of us with my phone. He does a good job. We were enjoying a sunny day made all the more happy by sharing it together.

Before we had children, Steph and I usually shared a cup of tea after I came home from teaching school. In recent months, we’ve renewed that habit. Since I’m on the farm, it usually works out that we can share a cup of tea before the children wake up from their naps.

We use that time to catch up on little things and sometimes to tackle the bigger things. But sometimes we just sit there in silence and enjoy the sunshine together. I miss it when it doesn’t fit into the schedule. As the years go by, I love being with her more and more.

For something special, we spent our anniversary in South America near world-famous Machu Picchu. Not many of you can say that.

To Patrons: I do want to get a video out to you, but I’m running up against technical issues again. One problem is internet speed really being bad lately. I took a test today because stuff just wasn’t working. It was bad. I wonder how it compares to your speed.