A Fowl Day

As you may remember, I started another batch of eggs in the incubator. There were fifty-six of them, about one-third were duck eggs.

I moved the incubator to a room upstairs with less draft to hopefully help with maintaining an even temperature, but I still had to fight to equalize it.

And it’s no wonder, really. About a week into this batch, we were having wild swings. One day, I recorded eighteen degrees in the morning and eight-one degrees in the afternoon. The house isn’t quite that bad, but it’s pretty severe.

I kept a thick blanket on the machine at night to help keep the temp up. That worked. But one day, I forgot to remove the blanket early enough in the day, and the temperature spiked.

Of the fifty-six eggs, seven were infertile. But most of them died at about the time of the spike. I opened them all today. There were a few that grew about another week. Only one made it to be fully feathered, but it did not survive.

So that’s another 100% loss.

I want to try again, but I need to figure out a way to deal with the swing in temperature. Things are gradually warming up now, so maybe it’ll be less of an issue.

I drove Steph up to Compone today to check if there was a market. There wasn’t, but there were a few vendors scattered along the road. One fellow was selling chicks. I bought a few.