Daniel is here.

Daniel is a fellow who shows up periodically. He is always on the verge on making big bucks with the next venture, but he’s also always pretty well penniless.

I had a few jobs he could do around the farm, so he worked yesterday and today on that in exchange for pay. He is staying here for the night. He’s had his first bath in awhile, and his only set of clothes is hanging on the clothesline.

He has a wife and two children who live several hours away. He is rarely with them. He’s usually flitting between towns, looking for customers to buy whatever he’s selling. This week, it was udder balm.

Though he isn’t handicapped, he is severely limited by his simple mind. In many ways, he is childlike. It can be a test of my patience to work alongside him.

And he eats like a hippo. I have never seen anyone eat as much as he does. I honestly think he doesn’t have the self-check to stop. He looked rather engorged after supper. But then, he may not eat much other days. I’m not sure how he manages to get what he needs from day to day.

He is staying here tonight and tomorrow night, due to not being able to leave because of the curfew. He’s looking forward to being with us for church tomorrow.

I always encourage him to go home to his wife and work in his fields. He has a nice amount of land inherited from his father, I understand. But he doesn’t have the motivation to work the land. He’s on the hunt for a get-rich-quick scheme. He’d be much not comfortable with a work-for-a-living plan.

His big goal is to save up enough money to visit his Padrino Gordon in the States. But he didn’t have enough to cover pasaje yesterday.

Pray for me to have wisdom in helping him. He is a believer, but he has no brotherhood affiliation. It’s difficult for me to know how to direct him.

Here he is reading his Facebook feed out loud. He cannot read silently.