Monday Miracle

Daniel left this morning after breakfast. I encouraged him to go back to his family. He said he is going to pronto… in about a month.

I did a few tasks around the house, including tending my tree saplings. The willows are rooting nicely. I pruned the rose bush on the south end of the house and salvaged most of the prunings to make starts.

Mid-morning I went into town to deliver milk and bread. I have more customers than I have milk right now, so that’s exciting. I’ll need to find several more once the rest of the goats freshen in a month or so.

I stopped in at Rafael’s to deliver milk. We talked about the pulsador for the water heater, which he had not yet gotten a replacement for. Next door to the store is a fellow who works on stuff like this. He tested it, and it functioned fine.

So, I took it home and hooked it up. And it works fine! I don’t know how, but we are thrilled to have hot water again.

Water has been such a focus for us here. That was one thing we didn’t really expect before coming. It has certainly been a journey of learning patience and trust. The Lord always provides.

Rose prunings. The bush was over eight feet tall.
Water heating!