Pray for Alfredo

You will remember my mentioning our friends Rafael and his sister Marta from Puno. They are faithful believers. We haven’t been able to interact with them in person much, but I enjoy talking with Rafael periodically.

Their whole family contracted Covid and were quite low for awhile. While the rest have recovered well, the father Alfredo has had a more difficult time.

He has been on oxygen for weeks. Though he made it through the virus, he now has air outside his lung that is causing problems. They tried to do a procedure to remove the air, but several attempts failed.

So now they must wait for another opportunity to try the procedure. Hospitals here are filled to capacity. Oxygen is becoming very difficult to find for someone like Alfredo. Some medical people are saying this air in the chest cavity can lead to a collapsed lung or a heart attack.

Alfredo recently rededicated his life to the Lord. Pray that he has an opportunity to grow in his walk with the Lord yet before he is called home.

Pray wisdom for the family as they decide what the next step is in treatment. Also, pray that their faith in God is strengthened through these difficulties.

Que Dios les bendiga, hermanos.