Selling Bread and Milk

I now have a routine of going into town Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to sell bread and milk products. I’ve been able to sell most things most times.

I am not a salesman. I do not enjoying hawking goods on the street. I can hardly bring myself to holler out what I’m selling. I’m thankful for a few regular customers who want bread so I can sell inconspicuously. I have more demands for goat milk than what I have available, so that’s also good.

One vendor was selling yogurt. I had a few liters also, but I could not sell it like he was. He had a speaker and was reverberating about how his yogurt would change your life. At one point he said it was life! I’ve heard “Coffee is life,” but I’ve never heard that about yogurt.

Another person was selling eggs. She had a speaker blasting her voice for blocks. She talked about how the brown eggs could help this ailment or that. But the white ones also contained vitamins. You could get your daily dose of vitamins by paying a bit more for white eggs.

Maybe I should find out some way that white bread is healthy for you. Maybe it makes you strong enough to fight the coronavirus. Hmm… I may need to do some research.