Goat Care

Today we worked at cleaning out the barn again. We’d neglected it for awhile because we were busy with painting and fencing and other projects.

The children all helped, and we made fast progress. With over twenty goats, there is plenty to haul out. We’re accumulating quite a bit on our garden plot.

The girls and I sweep and shovel while Dane hauls the wheelbarrow loads out. He’s almost not tall enough, but he enjoys doing it.

After working on the pen awhile, I began trimming hooves. I plan to do several each evening and have them all done by Friday.

Merry was not used to using the milking stand. He was more or less content until his treat of feed was gone. Then he kinda went bananas. He ended up falling and choking himself until he passed out.

I got him picked up before he was completely strangled. He’s not light anymore. He came to and stood there shaking his head weakly while bleating softly. He didn’t move after that. I’m not sure if that’s because he was so out of it, or because he learned.

The several does did much better. Using the milking stand makes it pretty handy. However, Doris’ horns were too wide for her to exit without twisting her head, which she did not know how to do. I ended up cutting her one horn to help her out.

I wanted to get some of these things caught up before the kids come later this month. I have a few more things on my list yet, including finishing some fencing.

Merry, just before he fell
Doris and her shortened horn