Trials and Troubles

Thank you to all who let me know they were praying. That has been encouraging. We’ve certainly felt the need for prayer.

Yesterday I wasn’t coughing as much as I had been, but my headache was even worse than before. I took a lot of pain medication, but I still felt nauseated from the pain.

Today was some better on both counts, but still took a lot of ibuprofen. Anne began complaining of a headache and ended up in bed this afternoon. I don’t know if it’s related, but I assume so.

The lecheros cow was down last night and again this morning. Both times they asked for my help to get it up. I felt pretty ill afterward. My head just pounds after that much exertion.

We still have no water. This morning I went hunting up in the field above. A neighbor said they think it’s broken, so they closed the supply valve. I opened the valve. No water.

I decided to go to town to get supplies before cutting into the pipe. In town, I found there was market. Tons of people were out, completely disobeying various quarantine measures. One of those people was selling ducklings.

I bought several pair and brought them home. There I found Alicia. I had dropped off a birthday cake Steph had made for her birthday Wednesday. Since we couldn’t come for her birthday, she decided to come visit us (which is also disallowed…).

The children got the ducklings out while I unloaded the truck, and they put them into a tub of water gathered for the goats. Consequently, they were drowning the ducklings. I quickly made a tub with a heater, dried the ducklings, and put them under heat. Sadly, one died.

I ate lunch and headed up to expose some more pipe. I ended up cutting two different places to try to discover where the water wasn’t. No success.

I did meet a very drunk Celso. I’d never talked with him before, I don’t think. He said he knew our pipe was broken. He was going to fix it himself, but the other neighbors told him if he touched our pipe, we’d have him thrown in jail. He said he’d help me dig it up tomorrow if I’m still looking.

Well, I will be. I found a few men who have promised to help in the morning. I really hope they show up. Though I’m feeling somewhat better, I really don’t feel up to digging in the sun a whole bunch tomorrow.

No water still. Lucrecia, Percy’s wife who helps with Lamar’s cows, came and offered to share water with us. We decided to go after chores. But we couldn’t find the bull calf.

He’d been running around while the cows were gotten in, but he’d disappeared. Finally, he was found in the well down in the pasture. Drowned. Now what.

Lucrecia and I discussed it awhile. We thought about just burying him, but I wasn’t sure I had the umph to do it. She offered to butcher him if I’d drive him over to their house. So, that’s what we did.

We took all the buckets we could find. While I was hunting another bucket, I found the sheep destroying my freshly pruned rose bush. They completely de-barked it. I’d been paying the children ten cรฉntimos for every ladybug they could find to put on the bush. Oh, well.

We got the water. I came this close to driving the truck into a deep ditch. Thank heaven I was spared that. We’re grateful for Percy and Lucrecia helping us this evening.

Please pray that we can get water tomorrow. And please pray that our headaches–the physical and circumstantial–could be healed.

Hauling water from the pasture ditch–before the calf died in it.
Not finding the leak
Lots of digging
Hauling away the dead calf
Water from Percy and Lucrecia