Rain and Drain

Yesterday afternoon, we had our first rain of September, and it turned out to be a thunderstorm. I stood out on the porch and drank in the smell. I am almost as thirsty for rain as the fields.

This morning, the ground was covered with fresh, fine shoots of green. Isn’t it incredible how quickly the parched earth can return to life?

This evening, there are thunderstorms all around us, but we’re not getting rain, at least not yet. With the ditches getting more water in them, the animals are finding their ways into the mud. There’s hardly any standing water, but the mud is treacherous.

In the past ten days, various neighbors have had four down cows, one horse, and then the calf in the well. The one cow went down twice. I was called each time, but I was selling bread in town a few of those times, so I didn’t help every time. When an animal goes down, all the neighbors help pull it out. Maybe we’d be better off if all the neighbors helped build fence….

Coming back from selling bread and milk in town this afternoon, I felt completely drained. My head is nearly back to normal, but I still have my cough. I felt like I had put in a full day’s work.

I lay down on the couch to rest and didn’t move for three hours. It’s a testament of my exhaustion that I slept while the children were all up and making noise around me. Usually, I can’t rest when there’s noise, but I slept like the dead.

I didnโ€™t work that hard today, but maybe the past several days caught up to me. I’m thankful to be recuperating, but I’m not quite on top.

While I was in town, Steph worked on laundry. Six children make a tremendous amount of laundry, and it piles up if we have several days without water. And it doesn’t help if the children fall into ditches–it’s not just animals that do.

So, today was another catch-up day. Doesn’t it seem like we need those periodically? We have several intense days, then God gives us rest.

He tried to swim in mud.
Some of the folded laundry
My oxygen level