Our Largest Order So Far

Yesterday was very busy. We baked and cooked this and that all day.

I’ve been selling bread here and there in Izcuchaca, mostly to acquaintances we’ve made over the past year, but I’ve occasionally found other buyers.

The family of Elisabet has been buying the most. Last week her oldest brother asked if we’d be willing to do a large order every week or so. We agreed.

Then he sent the order. He wanted four dozen cupcakes, four dozen bread rolls, cinnamon rolls, two cheeses, three yogurts, goat milk, and cow milk. That all took some doing.

We got it all done by supper time. Then Steph worked a bit more and made a birthday cake for me. She decorated it with little succulents made of icing. I love succulents. And I like cake, too.

Speaking of birthdays, a speaker I was listening to the other day suggested making a countdown for average life expectancy. He has one and refers to it regularly to gain perspective on how much time he has left to finish his life’s goals.

If you were to create a countdown like that, what percentage of life would you have left? How many months? How many years?

Another fellow has a countdown for each of his children, counting down how many weekends left until they are eighteen. That way he knows how much quality time he may have left with them at home because he spends the most time with them when he’s free from work.

Do you do anything like that?