Busy Baking Day

On Friday, a few people asked for cupcakes and cinnamon rolls besides bread. There was also a request for yogurt.

So, we spent the whole morning in the kitchen. I made five flavors of yogurt, two liters each. The one flavor was Tutti Frutti bubble gum flavor. That’s for our children. Piña, fresa, durazno, and vainilla were the others to sell.

Steph made bread rolls, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and three flavors of cupcakes, strawberry, peach, and spiced. It was a lot for one morning.

I sold pretty well all the bread, but brought back over half of the yogurt. I didn’t have the time to try to sell it on the street.

I needed to buy a few essentials, and I wanted to stop by Abel’s shop. He was home for once. I hadn’t seen him in awhile. He’s made only slightly more progress since last time. He asked if I could come help him work on the project, so I’m planning to go later this week, Lord willing.

I’ve already paid him to do the work. How will this be? Will I get paid to work on my stuff? This should be interesting.

On the way home, I made a stop at a furniture shop. We’ve been wanting another table or two. There hadn’t been any the last few times I had checked. Today there was.

“How much?”

“It would be S/200, but I’ll give it to you for S/150

“S/150. That’s a lot.”

“S/130, then.”

Hardly anything here is sold for its given price. That’s something that I still find confusing and difficult to work with. Just before I was ready to load the tables, Rafael drove by. He saw me and pulled over to run up and check on the goings on.

“How much are you charging him? This table is worth S/20, right?” He demanded of the owner. I stood back and watched.

A short, but lively discussion ensued, in which Rafael demanded I be given a discount. The fellow gave it, grudgingly. He kept looking between me and Rafael, clearly trying to make sense of the whole situation.

After Rafael left, I asked the man for rope and halters and paid the price he asked without haggling. He perked up at that. I guess he fooled the gringo after all! He asked me to come back soon, but I think I have all the tables I need at the moment.

Having the tables will make Steph’s work in the kitchen easier. She’s going to use one for her sewing room also. The third one may become my pulpit for Sunday. We’ll see.

P.S. Yesterday was Abbey’s eighth birthday. Today is Elisabet’s brother’s birthday. So, Steph had two cakes to make on Saturday. She is great at baking and such. She’s great at many things.

The three tables