Some Things I’m Thankful For

There are more blessings than I can count, but I’ll give a few. God is good to us.

We have water. Dane and I walked up mid-morning to check on the water, and we found the tank completely full. Yesterday at the same time, Abbey and I found it only a third full. The pressure is still low, but it’s keeping up with what we need.

No animals died today. Over the past two weeks, we’ve had an animal die nearly every day. The ducklings that were nearly drowned upon arrival were dropping off one at a time. Yesterday, a rooster died of a cold, despite my efforts to save him. But today, everyone was happy and healthy.

I was able to get several hours of writing done. With all the crises over the past few weeks, my office time was cut short. Add to that some delays outside of my control, and now some deadlines are looming. But today I had a peaceful day in my office to get a number of things done.

We have another large bread order and a cake order. Though we cannot yet sell our kids because of lockdown, we are managing to grow our bread (and goat milk) sales. Steph does the bulk of the work, but I’m helping her with some things. She’s the better baker.

My kitten is still alive. He appeared the other morning with a bad concussion and swelling on his head. I still don’t know how it happened. I have been nursing him back to health over the past number of days, and he’s finally acting more nearly normal. He was blind for awhile, but his faculties are slowly returning.

I received a few different encouraging messages and a phone call today. Seven months into quarantine, hearing from others is a big boost. I don’t know how many of you haven’t seen any family or church friends or even a single person who speaks your language for over half a year. Makes those moments extra special.

It has been raining. We’ve had five days with rain out of fifteen, though only light rains. It still hasn’t put any water into the ditches, but the grass is getting green.

We have much to be thankful for. Thanks for your prayers and support.

The dead rooster before he died.
The kitten, Spoof, yawning after a hard day.
The profile of his concussion swelling on his forehead.
Getting green