Another Busy Friday

Fridays tend to be the busiest day of our week, even when we try to plan for it.

Elisabet’s brother Edy placed another large order this week. Steph and I came up with a baking schedule that would allow us to have less to bake first thing Friday morning. It helped.

I wanted to leave around 9:00, but just before I left, Alex showed up. He’s the fellow who helped me with the broken pipe the last time. He was to arrive by 8:00, but….

I wanted him to work on a few projects on the farm. I’d arranged this with him weeks ago. Each day for over a week he has called the evening before to let me know he couldn’t come the next day, but he’d be here the following day. Of course, he actually showed up on Friday.

I took a little bit of time to show him the work, then I left. His wife and children were along again. They stayed the whole day. Their little girl ran wild wherever she wanted, and they kept no track of her, leaving it to our children to take care of her. They seem fairly disinterested in her.

Steph had a cake order for a friend of Rafael’s. I needed to drop that off before heading to Urubamba. But when I arrived and showed them the cake, they said the name was misspelled. We’d spelled it the way it was in their message, but that had been wrong.

I decided to run down to the Centro to get supplies to make icing and re-pipe the lettering. It may have taken less time to run back home. I don’t know.

Town was even more full than the week before. People were everywhere, people of every age. And the main market was going again. No one is observing the quarantine rules. I’m curious to see what will happen with the quarantine regulations in October.

While I fixed the cake, Edy called and said to leave his stuff with Rafael; he was driving over to pick something else up. That saved me a trip over the mountain. Alex called and said he was done with his project and needed another one. I gave him an explanation over the phone and tried to get home quickly.

Back at home, I worked with Alex awhile and checked over what he’d done. It looked good. He plans to come back on Monday to do a few more things.

Her name was Thays, not Taid.
Riding a horse through main street traffic