Looking for Heifers

I had asked Percy about buying some young heifers to raise up for six months to sell. He said he knew of a feria not far away that sells animals every Tuesday.

We left here after 7:00, probably arriving there close to 8:00. There were a lot of animals there, but by the time we arrived, all the cows and bred heifers had been sold. There were only bulls and young stock left, but because of supply and demand, prices had risen.

We had a good look around and got a feel for prices. Percy says we need to be there at 5:00 next Tuesday. That’ll mean leaving around 4:30 or before.

I did enjoy being at an animal market again. And I felt proud of me for not buying anything. There was one lady selling goslings. That was tempting. I really want to try raising geese. The children are eagerly looking forward to the day they can leave the house again and go to a market.

I didn’t take many pictures, but I did catch one of a ginormous bull. He was taller than a horse. He was even taller than the man holding his rope–but that’s Peruvian man size. I have never seen such an animal up close. Incredible.

Side note: Speaking of size, most Peruvians are not as tall as I am, and I am only 5.5 feet tall or so. Yesterday in town, Victoria’s boy Cรฉsar was eating ice cream. Another lady told him if he’d drink goat’s milk instead, he’d grow as tall as the gringo. That made me laugh.

Percy says there is another market that has been closed all of the quarantine, but is reopening. It’s four hours away. He says we will try that one when it opens, but we’ll have to leave after midnight some night. That should be a thrill.

But that will have to wait until cross-region traveling opens up again, which is supposedly closed. Though, I think it’s happening anyway.

The giant bull. See the man’s feet?