Monday Town Run and a Cake

I started off the morning by double- and triple-checking the electric fence for the goats. Then I put power to it and began unstaking them and leading them to the water tub before releasing them.

I wanted them to learn where the new water location was, and I didn’t want them stampeding. Everyone did well. They began testing the fence to see if it was on. I had it cranked up to max. They quickly learned.

But then the bucks discovered that Alice was in heat. I’d left all the ropes and stakes on until I was sure I wouldn’t need them. That resulted in five goats all tangled up around Alice.

I wish I had taken a picture of the knot of stakes and ropes. It took me half an hour to get it undone. I removed Merry’s stake and pulled two of the bucklings out of the field. The rest of the day was peaceful.

Immediately after lunch, I ran into town with the bread and milk deliveries. Steph had been busy baking since early. She had wanted a head start because she had a cake to make.

Today is Rafael’s brother William’s birthday. Naturally, they placed the order yesterday. I told them we couldn’t make it on Sunday because it’s the Lord’s day. They said it was fine for it to come on Tuesday.

So, that’s what we did. Steph did a good job with it, as she usually does. William is an artist, so Rafael wanted something to reflect that. I think it’s really cute.