To the Radiologist’s Office

Abbey had a sore tooth, and Anne needed a checkup. One of my bread customers is a dentist, so I mentioned it to him, and he told me to bring them in last Thursday. So, we went.

Abbey had her tooth cleaned out and filled. He checked over Anne’s teeth. Her front teeth are spreading because she does not have her canines. She has an aunt with the same condition.

The doctor wants to do something with braces and probably a false partial, but he first ordered a panoramic x-ray of Anne’s teeth. Saturday found us in Cusco.

We found the office just before noon. Thankfully, they were open awhile longer. Getting the x-ray was a snap. It cost $15.00.

The x-ray shows the same as the one from a few years back. There are no canines. Now that we have the x-ray, we’ll begin looking at a plan for her future.

I’m not sure what will be best because she hasn’t lost all of her baby teeth yet, but I think the doctor wants to do something to keep her front teeth from spreading too far. We shall see.

Dr. Roberto
In Cusco
I translated from the door.
Anne had chuleta, pork chop, for lunch for S/5.
My lunch was trucha frita, fried trout.
His name was Greg.