Including the Kitchen Sink

As you may remember, many moons ago we hired Abel to make cabinets for us. Has it been a year now? I was trying to find the date of when I’d hired him, but I couldn’t scratch it up.

Anyhoo, he is now nearly done. I was at the shop yesterday and was happy to see the base cabinets and drawers were stained and lacquered. The only part he lacked was the countertop.

I stopped in at Rafael’s to look at sinks because ours badly needs replacing. It has a large gash in the one sink, and it leaks. However, Rafael only sells rather cheap sinks with shallow bowls. There are no better ones in Izcuchaca. So, off to Cusco I went.

I do not enjoy city driving. Cusco is far worse than driving in DC or Chicago–which I’ve done–because the rules of the road are often ignored. There were several times today where I literally closed my eyes and waited to hear the crash or scrape. Somehow, I made it out again, unscathed. (Pro tip: I do not advise closing your eyes while driving.)

I went to Promart and found a deep sink like I wanted. It was very expensive, but I expect it will be put to good use for many years. Thank you, Patrons, for making that possible. I was able to buy the sink, using your contributions.

In the same building as Promart there are a number of other stores. On the bottom level is a supermarket called PlazaVea. I was there only once before, but I wanted to see if I could find special things to put in the cupboard for special days.

Turns out, there was a sale on Lay’s potato chips. Chips are difficult to come by, at least good ones; I have not learned to enjoy the Peruvian style of chips, which are often stale. Steph and I shared a bag of chips for our anniversary–that’s how special they are.

I also found a few other things to stash away. Now we simply have to come up with things to celebrate so we can open one of the two cans of vanilla coke or a tin of Pringles. Little things….

Today was National Coffee Day in the States. My family and friends sent me greetings, knowing my enjoyment of the liquid happiness. What a surprise to see a Starbucks store open in Cusco!

I purchased a caramel macchiato to bring home. It was a delight to smell all the hour and a half drive. Once home, I was met with shrieks of delight at the sight of the coffee. I warmed it up, and the whole family gathered around to share it. It didn’t last terribly long, but it was thoroughly enjoyed. Even Walter got a sip. Thanks, Reverend Wade, for the “ice cream money.” It went to a good cause.

I think I’m ready for installing the cabinets. Abel said he wants to install them tomorrow, so I’m not expecting them before Friday, at the earliest. It’ll most likely be next week. But I’ve got everything lined up, including the kitchen sink!

Abel, a few days ago
Vanilla coke. Happy sigh….
How many people can your coffee make happy?
That sinking feeling you get when…