Happy Birthday to Seth!

Today was Seth’s third birthday. At breakfast, we had fun opening up his gift from Mr. James’s family. Seth is forever running off with my tools. Perhaps now that he has his own, mine might stay where I leave them more often.

An interesting thing that happened this evening was that the children found a falcon of some sort. It was hopping along the edge of the field by the lecheros. The fellow who gets the cows in for them said he’d seen it in the field, so he shot it with his slingshot, and now it can’t fly.

Anne ran and got gloves on and tried to pick it up, but it was too fierce. I got it and brought it inside to show Steph. It’s wingspan was surprisingly large for its small body.

At one point it tried to bite me and almost succeeded, so I set it on the floor. It squawked loudly, which made Garralina run in from the other room. She hissed and growled and snarled at it, but she decided against attacking it.

Steph made a small cake for Seth because it took us so long to eat all of Walter’s. Seth’s was an owl on a fox on a bear. Steph said the fox decided to be a hedgehog in the end.

Seth is finally talking. He’s been making lots of noise for a long time, but now he’s more or less understandable. At supper this evening, he did something new. He launched into a long story about a lion who kept saying, “Excuse me!” in various ways. Not sure where that came from.

Everyone is excited by Seth’s tools.
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