More Babies Coming

There was a chance for a couple does to kid this week, but they didn’t. By the appearance of several, they will be kidding all together, but it looks like it will be a couple more weeks since they missed that due date.

Velma, our dwarf, looks ginormous. I’ve tried getting pictures of her several times, but the camera just can’t catch how big she really is. Gertrude, Doris, and Opal are all equally large with nice udders coming along. We’re all excited to have more kids.

The other one that appears to be expecting is Abbey’s hamster. I don’t think I mentioned on the blog that she received a pair of hamsters for her birthday. Anne and I found them when we went to Cusco for Anne’s teeth x-ray.

There are no pet shops in Izcuchaca, and the Cusco shops have been closed for awhile. It was a happy surprise to find an open store.

Abbey has not yet landed on names for either of her hamsters. She is considering naming the female Cheerio, but she cannot find a good accompanying name for the male. I say she has to have them named before the babies come.

The herd
Cheerio(?) and The Male
The Female has completely red eyes.